Hello! Welcome to my shop! My name is Elizabeth and I have always had a love for art. Whether I was crafting with my mom or dancing, art has always been a huge part of my life and a way to express myself!

Every stone is specifically picked out by me at local gem shops from credible sources and miners from around the world! Each wire wrapped pendant is unique as they come from the earth; no stone, crystal, rock or wire wrap will be the same. It is absolutely incredible what mother nature is capable of! Different stone types are known to have different spiritual meanings and healing properties, even used in Ancient times! They are empowered by their user’s personal intentions to improve themselves.

The name “Flutterby Gems” has a lot of meaning to me. Aside from butterflies being one of the most beautiful creatures, I believe they are used as signs from the universe. I have always been fascinated by them and would yell “Flutterby!” as they flew by me when I was a little girl.

Thank you for supporting me and I hope each piece brings you smiles! :)